Even once the honeymoon is over and you’ve unpacked your bags, the wedding planning process isn’t quite done just yet. You’ve probably got a mountain of gifts piled in your room, so it’s proper etiquette to thank your lovely guests for their generosity and time! Typically, thank you cards are sent out between 8 -12 weeks after the wedding.

We’ve prepared some simple tips on how to tackle your thank you notes – including an order of steps and examples of what to say.


Your thank you note prep should start as early as the time you’ve ordered our wedding invitations. Keep a log of your guests and their addresses for future use.


Don’t forget to have enough stationery and choose one that represents you as a couple. Blue or black ink pens work best and make sure it doesn’t bleed through the note card. Of course, always have extra pens as you don’t want to run out of ink mid sentence!


Prepare a draft so that you don’t make any mistakes on your lovely stationery and it will also keep you more organised. Also try to write your thank you notes in smaller batches as it would be physically exhausting to complete 100+ cards in one go!


Dear Amy and Connor,

Thank you for being a part of our celebration—and for the engraved platter. We will use it for special dinners and gatherings. Your thoughtfulness warms our hearts, and your gift will be cherished for years to come. We hope to see you soon!

Many thanks,

Jen and Nicholas

Dear Sarah and Terrance,

Thank you so much for your generous gift. We are saving up for a down payment on a new home, and your gift will help us reach our goal. We appreciate you both thinking of us on our special day.

Thanks again,

Olivia and Jaspreet

Dear Amelia,

Thank you for playing such a special role in my wedding. Your support during the entire process meant so much to me. You were a wonderful bridesmaid, and I’m so lucky to have such an amazing friend.

Love always,


Dear Aunt Karen,

Thank you so much for your very generous wedding gift. As you know we’re saving for a down payment, and we so appreciate your support. It was such a blast to see you at the wedding, and we can’t wait to catch up around the holidays!

Lots of love,

Ben and Susan

Dear Arthur,

Thank you very much for our lovely set of nonstick pans, and for your company on our wedding day. Your pans are already in use in our new house, and are much appreciated! Thank you again for your thoughtful gift.

See you soon,

Clara and Adam

Dear Anna,

Thank you kindly for your very thoughtful contribution towards our new dining set – we absolutely love it! We’re so lucky to have such kind and generous friends.

Looking forward to having you over soon,

Fred and Mandy